Fencing Repair & Replacement – Melbourne

Fencing Repair & Replacement – Melbourne

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Automatic Gate Repairs in Melbourne

At TECHNOgates, we have over 25 years’ experience providing expert automatic gate repairs and maintenance services to homes and businesses across Melbourne. We can service, repair and maintain all brands and types of fences and automated gates, including electric gates, remote control gates, commercial gates, industrial sliding gates, boom gates and many more.

Our repair and maintenance technicians have extensive experience working with all types of fencing, gates, access control systems, and access pay stations. We can quickly diagnose and repair any issues with minimal interruption to your home or business. If your fence has been damaged or requires repair, our Melbourne fencing specialists will work diligently to restore it to a satisfactory standard.

We can provide repairs for all car park gates and systems such as automatic bollards, road spikes, boom gates, access pay stations, and temperature control small and large shopping centre entry access gates.

We also maintain and repair various pedestrian access systems, including pedestrian barrier gates and turnstiles, flap gates, tripod turnstiles, full-height turnstiles and more.

We work with residential and commercial clients in Melbourne, Brisbane and across Australia, providing expert repairs and maintenance on all kinds of automated gates, from residential driveway gates to computerised multi-point entry/exit data management systems.

Whether you need preventative maintenance, efficient and expert repairs or replacement parts, our team can help. Our professional contractors have years of knowledge and expertise in installing automatic gates in Melbourne. We can provide regular scheduled servicing and maintenance to ensure your gates and access systems are in perfect working order. We can also handle all your urgent gate and system repairs quickly and efficiently.

We offer gate, fencing, and access control system repair services for all types of gates for homes, commercial premises and industrial facilities across Melbourne.

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For expert and dependable fence repairs & automatic gate servicing and maintenance, talk to the team at TECHNOgates. Give us a call today on 1300 923 224 or contact us online.