Sliding Gate Automation

Sliding Gate Automation

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Sliding Gate Automation
TECHNOgates manufacturers automated sliding gates for both the residential and industrial or commercial sectors. Automatic sliding gates in Melbourne are a best choice for driveways at homes and factories. Please view the gallery on the right for examples of the best sliding gates we have recently designed, manufactured, and installed in properties in Melbourne. We offer standard & custom-made sliding driveway gate designs that complement your residential & commercial properties across Melbourne.

Why Install Automatic Sliding Gates?

  • Properly installed, automated sliding gates provide high-level security and protection for your property.
  • These gates allow for seamless and effortless operation with just a click button or a swipe on your smartphone.
  • Whether you prefer a sleek, modern design or a more traditional look, you can customise automatic sliding gates to complement your style.
  • They don’t just look top-notch, modern, and stylish; they also meet all your high-security fencing needs
  • Automatic sliding gates are excellent choices for driveway gates, especially when dealing with uneven ground.
  • Electric sliding gates typically need only one motor for operation
  • Additionally, automated gates generally require minimal maintenance compared to traditional manual gates.

Sliding Gates Manufacturing Material Types:

At Technogates, we have the expertise to design and craft the automatic sliding gates for commercial properties as well as residential properties. We utilize specific materials for the construction of sliding gates, ensuring top-notch quality
  • Aluminium: These gates are gaining popularity among those aiming for a modern and contemporary entrance to their property. Aluminium stands out as one of the most robust, durable, and low-maintenance fencing materials.
  • Steel: This is an ideal choice for constrained parking spaces or situations where a steep driveway, makes the installation of swinging gates impractical.
  • Colorbond: Similar to aluminium sliding gates, Colorbond gates are sturdy, durable, and easy to maintain. Additionally, Colorbond offers a broad spectrum of colors and profiles. If your property features a Colorbond roof, you can even match your gate with the roofing material.
Elevate your lifestyle and safeguard your premises with this modern solution that integrates technology and design seamlessly. Whether you’re looking for an electric sliding gate with remote control access or a simple automatic gate solution in Melbourne, Contact us & we will tailor a competitively-priced solution for you.